Life After TAICO

An Alumnus of the school Oghenefejiro Omu wrote to us about his life after TAICO and how the school prepared him for higher education through acquired skills and knowledge using them to adapt in everyday situations.

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26I’ve  had some time to think of my stay in TAICO and how it has shaped who I am and becoming. I never thought I’d value my time in TAICO as much as I do now and I’m very appreciative of the effort of the entire TAICO community in preparing me for life in university.
I’m currently in my final year at Covenant University studying Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management and many of the things being taught are expanded versions of things I learned in secondary school.
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TAICO gave me a platform to harness my passion for speaking through debate (which I still actively do). I also learned a lot on leadership from TAICO. I’ve  served my class as class representative for three years and I now serve as the Vice President of my programme’s students’ association.
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I’m glad I got the many opportunities TAICO gave me.
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My regards to the entire community.
Oghenefejiro Omu

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