Becky Adimula: Making Extraordinary Changes to People with Disabilities

We heartily CONGRATULATE one of our pupils, Becky Adimula, on the setting up of her Foundation, a non-profit and an NGO, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, with the sole aim of giving educational and all-round support to children living with physical disabilities, especially those born naturally so.
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The Principal was invited to give a Goodwill Message at the launching this year’s Campaign ‘HOPE ALIVE 2017’. This is what Dr. Lillyman said:
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“I am so sorry that I am not able to be with you today on this very special occasion for Becky’s Foundation, as I am still on vacation in the United Kingdom. I thank Dr. Olaifa for representing me.
This foundation was started by a remarkable young lady when she was fourteen. We have always been amazed at Thomas Adewumi International College at Becky’s tenacity, her grit and determination but above all for her cheerfulness and the ability to put others before herself. Becky will always be one of the first to volunteer if anything needs to be done and one of the first on the sport’s field. As a school we feel privileged to have her as one of our pupils – for she is truly inspirational to all staff and pupils.
 Hope Alive 2017
Today is a programme entitled HOPE ALIVE. I am sure that when Becky thought of that title the words were chosen very carefully and deliberately. Becky is living proof that being physically challenged is not the end of the road but the very beginning – that you should never see your physical challenge as a disability but in fact an ABILITY and an ADVANTAGE. That life has a purpose and that you should never ever give up.
Becky, congratulations on your Foundation. Congratulations on the wonderful work you are doing and will continue to do. I am so proud to be your Principal.
I wish you every success for today’s programme and to you all a 2017 full of purpose and happiness.”

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