First Class in the House: Adaobi Afoma Ojiakor

CONGRATULATIONS to Adaobi Afoma OJIAKOR (Class of 2013) on being awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Medical Microbiology from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. Adaobi will also receive a Prize for her exceptional performance in that field of study.
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The Ojiakor family wish it to be known that they are truly appreciative of the immeasurable contribution of the TAICO team to the academic, spiritual, and character formation of our young folks generally, and ask that you celebrate with them on this additional testament to the hard work and enviable foundation laid by the College.
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Adaobi received her award at the University of Leicester. Prize for excellent performance and best graduand in Medical Microbiology. First Class Honours
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CONGRATULATIONS Adaobi. Well done!

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