Visiting TAICO Students at Sea School: A Parent’s Testimonial

Sea_School_Image_001 When we made enquires about TAICO, one of the selling points for me was the Sea School (Leadership School ) because of the importance of Leadership in an individual’s life. I had thought my visit to the Sea School would be in 2018 but it came earlier by virtue of my position as the TAICO National Chairman.
This visit was an eye opener for me and really shows TAICO is not just a school that focuses on academics alone but one that raises students who are balanced and grounded in all areas of life.
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On our way to the school I sighted a gun patrol boat with military men in it patrolling the sea, this made me happy as I was thinking about the safety of the students.

The students were excited seeing us and immediately gathered together for a village square meeting. I was very impressed with the level of intelligence and maturity exhibited by the students as they confidently shared their experiences with us. For some, it was the first time they were having the boat ride experience. And the “welcome experience” in the school is one they will never forget as they were treated like new cadets in a military setting. It was interesting and a fun way to train leaders I will say. The children shared that:
  1. With the various activities done at the school they have learned the following leadership skills; endurance, team work, motivation, self belief, responsibility, confidence, determination, etc.
  2. They also learned about relating with others as there were other schools at the Sea School.
  3. From their interactions with these schools, they appreciated TAICO the more, specifically mentioning that their teachers know them individually and are able to address issues that relate to them promptly.
  4. A particular student based on the information she gathered from TRICO wanted TAICO to adopt same, which was to segregate the students into classes based on their academic intelligence. This was extensively discussed and they all finally agreed that the status quo should be maintained. That for me was another plus for TAICO.
  5. They also informed us about how the Duty Officer and the Orderly Officer are alternated everyday so that everyone has the opportunity of carrying out a leadership task.
  6. The boot camp was daunting and scary for some of them but they are all getting a hang of it as it is compulsory not just to participate in them, but to complete any given task. 
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The Sea School training should be maintained, and I would like to encourage the Lagos zone of the PTA to include it in their yearly schedule to visit the students while there. This hopefully will also create a bond between the PTA and the students. Also, visitation by the PTA should be encouraged for other programmes that will be held outside the school, so the students are hosted by the zone visited.
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Mr. Obafemi
National Chairman

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