TAICO Sports’ Academy: Invitation for Enrollment and Sponsorship

Thomas Adewumi International College Sports’ Academy (TSA) has been established to allow students to explore and discover their strengths, potential and passion in a range of sports. It is our intention to produce, within ten years, World Class Athletes to represent Nigeria and restore her glory as a sporting nation.

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We wish to invite Parents whose children demonstrate a keen interest in Sport to enroll their Wards in the Academy. Our Academy has developed a curriculum that enables a child to pursue his/her academic career whilst developing his/her talent in Sports. The focus of our Sport Academy is Power Sports including Soccer and Athletics.

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Whilst some parents will have the economic means to send their wards to the Academy, others will not. Those young Nigerians, who have been identified as having outstanding potential in the sporting arena, may be offered partial or full scholarship to cover tuition and boarding throughout their stay in TAICO Sports’ Academy.

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Presently we have fifteen boys enrolled. They come from very diverse backgrounds and, in many cases, lack both academic and social skills. They do however have one thing in common – immense TALENT.

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As a school, and also as part of our civic and social responsibility, we are very keen to see the Scholarship Programme extended to accommodate more students with sporting potential to benefit from a TAICO Sports’ Academy education. Everyday thousands of children across Nigeria give up on their dreams due to lack of funding and / or education – a sad fact, but true.

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We solicit the support of Parents who have the means to partner with us on the Scholarship Programme. This will afford less privileged youngsters that are endowed with Sporting Talent to receive a First Class education in TAICO. Such children may, in the future, become an Elite Athlete winning medals for Nigeria.

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Clearly we cannot help everyone but we can identify those with real sporting talent and help them to be the people they deserve to be. Giving them a head-start and investing in the future of these young people we believe is the right thing to do.

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Please join us and be part of this project by (a) enrolling your Ward that shows a demonstrable interest in Sport, and/or (b) send an email to the Principal to pledge your financial support for TAICO Sport Academy – Email: principal@adewumicollege.net

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Thank you for caring!

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Dr. Roy K. Lillyman



Board of Governors

Thomas Adewumi International College

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