Home and School

The relationship between home and school is a crucial one but we would remind parents, however, that the first school that a child attends is in the home.

Whilst as a school we are reinforcing the following

  • It is firstly in the home that magic words such as “hello”, “please”, “I’m sorry”, “you are welcome” and “thank you” begin to be learned. These are rudimentary good manners.


  • Basic values such as honesty, management of time, being diligent, being sympathetic and empathetic and having respect for elders and teachers are first learned in the home.


  • The home should also be the place where cleanliness, good table manners and how to properly dispose of rubbish should first be learned.


  • Parents from a very early age should also teach their children organizational skills, how to take good care of their belongings and that it’s not acceptable to abuse others physically, mentally or sexually.


  • Here at TAICO on the other hand our primary role is to teach Languages, Maths, Sciences, Social Studies and the Arts. We complement and reinforce the education that children first of all receive at home from their parents and, if necessary, correct it.


Dereliction of parental duties can lead to the failure of a generation. The task before parents is not just nurturing our children, but preparing the next generation.

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