Regulations and Guidelines for Online Exams

The exams for Second Term are being conducted Online at the request of the Parents. ALL students who have fully paid for the Second Term are expected to sit the exams. Those students who have not paid for Second Term fully will be denied access to the portal to do their exams.

  1. The exams are time-sensitive and are only accessible for a total time of ONE hour.
  2. Senior classes will have 80 questions and Junior Classes will have 60 questions.
  3. Exams must be completed on the day and time as timetabled.
  4. Students MUST have their camera and their audio ON the whole time.
  5. The students will be recorded doing their exams.
  6. Students must NOT have access to phones, textbooks or notebooks of any kind during the exam.
  7. Students are not allowed to pause the exam midway – power outages must be confirmed by email to the Principal on the day they occur.
  8. Students must change their Log-in names to their proper last name and first name Eg SAILES Bradley
  1. Any student suspected of cheating will have their scores reduced to zero in ALL exams.
  2. There can be no assistance from anybody during exams BUT parents must supervise their children from doing them.
  3. Cheating at TAICO is an offence that may be punishable by expulsion so do not even try!!
  4. Junior Classes will NOT have lessons from Monday 29th June until Thursday 2nd July – they are to revise and their first exams are on Friday 3rd July.
  5. SS1 & SS2 will have no lessons at all next week but they will resume them on Monday  6th July.
  1. SS3 Revision classes will continue throughout the exam period as timetabled.
  2. Good luck to all the students!

     Mr Brad


Mr Bradley Sailes



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