Resumption Update

Dear Parents,

I hope that this email finds you all well and that your children have either completed their Second Term exams or are just starting them this week. I hope they all do their best and fulfil their potential in them.

No doubt many of you have either seen or heard the news that the Federal Government has made a statement that schools can open for the JSS3 and SS3 Classes soon. I thought it would be a good idea to explain to you all the conditions that have been stipulated by them surrounding any future resumption.

The Minister of Education has clearly stated that all schools must have the following things in place before they can accept students back into their classrooms:

  1. Handwashing facilities for all students.
  2. Digital Thermometers for regular temperature checks.
  3. Hand sanitizers at the gates, entrance to classrooms, entrance to Boarding Houses, Dining rooms and offices.
  4. The entire premises must be decontaminated – fumigated and disinfected.
  5. ALL efforts must be made to ensure the highest standards of personal hygiene for staff and students.
  6. Social or physical distancing must be maintained at all times and classrooms and dormitories etc must be big enough for this to be done – class sizes may need adjustment.
  7. An isolation room must be available to quarantine expected cases.

The Federal Government has also stated that it intends to have meetings with ALL stakeholders in the education sector to discuss the issues at hand.

Now clearly this will be quite a challenge for the majority of Government schools to comply with these measures although we here at TAICO have already planned for them and more in the event of a resumption date being set. I will be sending out a document detailing the steps we have taken already and those that will be implemented before any students are allowed to resume.

The reality of the situation is that it is highly unlikely that most of the education sector will be able to meet the requirements by the end of this month and so we are probably looking at September for the earliest resumption. The Government plans are really to allow the students in their final years to revise for the BECE and WAEC exams in school as the majority of them do not have access to online learning programs. Of course, we at TAICO have been providing online learning opportunities since the beginning of May and actually started the Third Term on the 3rd of June and it is ongoing as I write to you.

The Federal Government and WAEC have confirmed that the exams for SS3 will now be starting from 3rd August but as yet there is no news about BECE. I will be writing to the parents of SS3 students shortly to explain our plans for their resumption.

I think it is important that we take into account the current situation in the country before we jump to any conclusions as to whether we should be resuming and when. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over globally and here in Nigeria, it is still escalating rapidly in many places around the country. The number of new cases is still rising daily and does not look like it is going to level of or slow down anytime soon. Different States are making wildly different decisions about the extent of lockdown measures they are imposing – some are tightening the lockdown whilst others are relaxing it further. There is no continuity in the decision making and this is partly due to the lack of clear planning by the Federal Government. 

All of the points I have made bring us here at TAICO to the conclusion that the resumption of the majority of students to the College is going to happen at some point but we really cannot say when. Rest assured that the College Management will try our best to keep you informed about the situation as it develops and to make sure we can give you as much notice as possible after any decisions have been made at either Federal or State levels.

Please continue to support and encourage your children to study hard and make sure they are doing their online work properly as it is likely to cover the bulk of the Third Term curriculum and the assessment results will go towards the final scores that we will use to decide whether a student is ready to move up to the next year group. The Third Term exams will be conducted immediately upon resumption by all the students other than those taking external exams earlier.

I urge you all to stay safe, obey the health guidelines and to try to make the best of the difficult conditions we all find ourselves in at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

My very best wishes to you all.

Mr Brad


Mr Bradley Sailes

Principal & CEO

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