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24 Jun

Assistance with Selecting Universities for TAICO Students

I am writing to make Parents aware that I am available to assist them and their children in selecting Universities for the future. Each year I buy a book called ‘The Times Good University Guide’ which is updated and then published by the Times Newspaper group in the UK. The guide looks at the top […]

11 Jul

Speech Day Newsletter

10 Jan

Why Children Cheat and How to Stop It

“Children cheat when they become stressed,” explain experts, who say that as the pressure to get good grades and high test scores increases, so does the incidence of cheating. Experts say that although children who cheat in school do not fit any defined profile, they’re usually students “who are much more focused on getting good grades and […]

12 Oct

Quote on Education

At the entrance gate of a university in South Africa the following message was posted for contemplation: “Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students.” The result is […]

28 Feb

This Book is a Must Read by Bolaji Abdullahi

Congratulations to one of our parents, Bolaji Abdullahi, on the publication of his first novel ‘Sweet Sixteen’. [gap height=”10″] The Principal says, “This is a ‘must read’ for parents and teenagers alike. For parents as they attempt to understand their teenage children and for teenagers as they start to stand on their own two feet […]

8 Feb

Sports’ Day Newsletter

24 Jan

Parents’ Testimonials – Mrs. Oshioke

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Thomas Adewumi lnternational College (TAICO). In my experience the school helps new students adapt to different learning and requirement systems. The teachers are always ready to help the pupils overcome the hardship of the learning process, as well create conditions that help improve oneself. Individually […]

18 Jan

New Post UTME Screening System

O Level Result:- 40% Breakdown  A1-8% B2-7% B3-6% C4-5% C5-4% C6-3% [gap height=”20″] Five A1-40% Five B2-35% Five B3-30% Five C4-25% Five C5-20% Five C6-15% [gap height=”20″] UTME Scores-60% 180-189 = 10% 190-199 = 20% 200-209 = 30% 210-219 = 40% 220-229 = 50% 230 & Above = 60% [gap height=”20″] Please let your children, […]

12 Jan

Becky Adimula: Making Extraordinary Changes to People with Disabilities

We heartily CONGRATULATE one of our pupils, Becky Adimula, on the setting up of her Foundation, a non-profit and an NGO, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, with the sole aim of giving educational and all-round support to children living with physical disabilities, especially those born naturally so. [gap height=”20″] [gap height=”20″] The Principal was […]

30 Dec

Our Principal Gets an Award!

Congratulations to the Principal on receiving the 2016 AFRICA UNIQUE LEADERS AWARD in Lagos recently for being a standard bearer in Educational Administration and Quality Service Delivery. Our Principal is now the longest serving British Private School Principal in Nigeria (nearly 13 years!). [gap height=”20″] [gap height=”20″] Dr. Lillyman receiving the Award from Mr J […]