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4 Jun

Start of Third Term Work

Dear Parents, This is to inform you all that the Third Term Classes have started yesterday for some subjects and will have started for them all by Monday. All work set this week will remain on the portal over the weekend. You should have received a copy of the timetables for the different parts of […]

19 Mar

Easter Newsletter 2018

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10 Jan

Why Children Cheat and How to Stop It

“Children cheat when they become stressed,” explain experts, who say that as the pressure to get good grades and high test scores increases, so does the incidence of cheating. Experts say that although children who cheat in school do not fit any defined profile, they’re usually students “who are much more focused on getting good grades and […]

17 Oct

Wardrobe Wars!

The issue of dressing in many families is like a two-edged sword; each side sharp enough to cut really deep. How so? Just as parents consider their children’s dress code as indecent, the youngsters view Mum and Dad’s dress sense as too out-of-fashion for the modern child. Thus, no one agrees to being in the wrong; this gives […]