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13 Mar

Home and School

The relationship between home and school is a crucial one but we would remind parents, however, that the first school that a child attends is in the home. Whilst as a school we are reinforcing the following It is firstly in the home that magic words such as “hello”, “please”, “I’m sorry”, “you are welcome” […]

7 Jul

Visiting TAICO Students at Sea School: A Parent’s Testimonial

 When we made enquires about TAICO, one of the selling points for me was the Sea School (Leadership School ) because of the importance of Leadership in an individual’s life. I had thought my visit to the Sea School would be in 2018 but it came earlier by virtue of my position as the TAICO […]

24 Jan

Parents’ Testimonials – Mrs. Oshioke

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Thomas Adewumi lnternational College (TAICO). In my experience the school helps new students adapt to different learning and requirement systems. The teachers are always ready to help the pupils overcome the hardship of the learning process, as well create conditions that help improve oneself. Individually […]